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2002 Speleo Digest

Edited by James Adler and Mark Adler

2002 Speleo Digest Summary

The 2002 Speleo Digest is out and it is a doozy! Let the wise people from The Loyalhanna Troglodyte show you how to create beautiful and utilitarian bat origami. Allow Brian Perkins to show you just how many words DO rhyme with underground. Let the jesters from Georgia Underground instruct you in the proper method for rocking a pack. Know what a burrito bag is? Allow Taran Doty to teach you all about how to create one. Whoever heard of an ostrich making home in a cave? Certainly not us, but Pam Tegelman will regale you with a tale that will make you think twice before entering certain caves in West Virginia. All in all, this Digest is guaranteed to please the most difficult audience. Packed full of 293 articles and 236 maps from over 66 newsletters and representing 32 States and 8 countries, this book is chock full of all the great cave descriptions, science, and humor you've come to expect. It will grace your shelf and certainly come to be a most valued and treasured work of art.

Table of Contents

2002 Author Index

2002 Speleo Digest Map Index

2002 Speleo Digest Map Index by Cartographer

Allred, C.

Andrews, Chris

Aulenbach, Brent T.

Bailey, Jerry

Balfour, Bill

Black David

Blase, Brad

Bozeman, John

Bray, Jeff

Broeckel, Bill

Brooks, John

Carley, Steve

Carroll, Robert W., Jr.

Cole, David

Collings, Dave

Collins, Neal

Dasher, George

Doty, Taran

Engel, Thom

Esterson, Kris

Everton, Dave

Frazier, Mike

Gaskins, Paul

Gee, Mark

Gray, Jason

Gulch, Ute

Hamm, Walt

Henry, Dan

Higham, Steve

Horner, Barry

Kastning, Ernst

Knapp, Richard

Kouts, Devin S.

Lambert, Rick

Litaker, Jerry

Medville, Doug

Mitchell, Terry

Moltz, Tom

Payn, Robbie

Penczer, Peter

Pingree, Rodney

Pooler, Penelope

Porter, Eric

Ragon, Terry

Richards, Bob

Schwartz, Benjamin

Shaw, Scott

Smith, James H., Jr.

Snyder, Dean

Socky, Dave

Speelman, Kerry

Sprouse, Peter

Stone, Bill

Szukalski, Bernie

Tegelman, Pam

Trotter, Bruce

Trowbridge, Lee

Vaughn, James M.

Vesely, Carol

Wahlquist, S.

Walden, Bill

Walsh, Ken

Winner, Jamie