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1999 Speleo Digest

Edited by Scott A. Parvin

1999 Speleo Digest Summary

Here are two edited excerpts from the Spelean Humor Chapter:
"…As we're looking around I happen to find a hole in the ground… Much to my surprise there's a beagle at the bottom of the hole … with eyes big as saucers and whimpering to break your heart. … I figure he just fell in the hole. Done the same thing once or twice myself, as a matter of fact. So I climb down into the pit and although it has dirt walls and an unpleasant dog odor, it bells out nicely into a small room. The dog now smells freedom for the first time in who knows how long and starts bouncing around the bottom of the pit like a cross-eyed kangaroo. The room is small and the situation could turn dangerous so I take up a defensive position … and crouch down to wait until the beagle's momentum carries him within striking distance. He's moving left and he's moving right in a fit of excited frog hopping, as if my arrival needs to be properly celebrated before we can do anything else. When he gets within range, I grab him around the belly and take two greedy swipes of dog slobber right across the face. He's wiggling in my arms like a fish on a riverbank, but I have him in a hammer lock hold that I picked up from a professional wrestler in an airport cocktail lounge, and he's not getting away…"
"…The dive shop was quiet and devoid of customers when I walked in. …I eyeballed a rack of thick neoprene wetsuits until a salesman approached me. I told him what I was looking for, a 3/8 inch full-body suit with no zipper, and he looked me up and down and casually drawled, "You'll need an EXTRA-LARGE." "EXTRA-LARGE?!!", my mind squawked self-righteously, "He has to be kidding!" I'm an average sized woman, not anywhere near fat and have always worn a medium size. I even fit into a size six if the garment is expensive enough! But, instead of debating with the salesman's pronouncement, I calmly pulled a medium off the rack; he didn't say a word as I took it to the changing room…"
As you can see, these two excerpts and the remaining 356 articles that covers 411 caves (authored by 238 writers and stuffed into 544 pages), the 1999 Speleo Digest should be on every cavers list of things he or she must read in the first year of the millennium.
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Table of Contents

United States Cave Descriptions 11

International Cave Descriptions 259

Equipment and Techniques 287

Cave Science 389

Spelean History 433

Speleo Fiction and Humor 461

Index 535

1999 Author Index