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2000 Speleo Digest

Edited by Scott Fee

2000 Speleo Digest Summary

The 2000 Speleo Digest is Now Available!
Did you know that “Real men don’t use flagging tape” or did you ever hear about “The great log hijacking” of 2000? What about the “secret” phone booth in the Mojave Desert that “tells all” cave locations? No? That must mean that you didn’t subscribe to Speleothems, The Electric Caver, or the California Caver. These fine publications as well as 85 other periodicals were used to create the 2000 Speleo Digest. Written by 238 authors covering 31 states and 10 countries, the 544 page Digest contains 350 articles and over 40 photographs. This immense publication should be on every cavers list of things he or she must read. From the 300 pages devoted to the caves in the United States to the 45 pages of Speleo Fiction and Humor, this book covers all the realms of speleology including International Cave information, Equipment, Techniques, History, and even the cave sciences. If you would like to view the Table of Contents, Publications Represented page, or any of the book indices, just visit the following: /pub/speleodigest/
Supplies are limited, so order your copy today from the NSS Bookstore, 2813 Cave Ave, Huntsville, AL 35810. Phone (256) 852-1300.,

Table of Contents

International Cave Descriptions 303

Equipment and Techniques 349

Science 405

Spelean History 437

Speleo Fiction and Humor 467

Index 513

2000 Author Index