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2001 Speleo Digest

Edited by James Adler, Mark Adler, and Scott A. Parvin

Layout & Design: Scott A. Parvin

Proofreader: Julie S. Fee


2001 Speleo Digest Summary

"Did you hear about a clan in Scotland that used a cave as a "safe haven from which they could run their nightly raids of robbery and murder" or about the continuing "Adventures of Buck Gordon?" Did you catch the piece regarding the "Exploration and Survey in Snake Well" that took us over 200 feet deep in Marion County, Tennessee? No? That must mean that you didn't subscribe to the Minnesota Speleology Monthly, The Northeastern Caver, or the Georgia Underground. These fine publications as well as 63 other periodicals were used to create the 2001 Speleo Digest. Written by 208 authors covering 31 states and 9 countries, the 483 page Digest contains 288 articles and over 20 photographs. This immense publication should be on every caver's list of things he or she must read. From the 257 pages devoted to the caves in the United States to the 45 pages of Speleo Fiction and Humor, this book covers all the realms of speleology including International Cave information, Equipment, Techniques, History, and even the cave sciences.

Table of Contents

United States Cave Descriptions 1

International Cave Index by Country 481

Equipment and Techniques - Clothing and Cave Gear 285

Cave Science 339

Speleo Fiction and Humor 413

Index 461

2001 Author Index