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1991 Speleo Digest

Editor: Eileen O'Malley and Scott Fee

Layout: Tom Rea

1991 Speleo Digest Summary

Sex and Cavin':
The 1991 Speleo Digest is Now *Available!
Sex and Cavin (Page 561) is one of the many insightful articles that you
can find in the 1991 Speleo Digest. This 624 page book has information
ranging from "The Human Q-Tip Effect" to the jovial "Fisher Ridge Rap."
With over 250 authors contributing over 400 articles, the 1991 Speleo
Digest is a value in every sense of the word.
Supplies are limited, so order your copy today from the NSS Bookstore, 2813 Cave Ave, Huntsville, AL 35810. Phone (256) 852-1300.,

Table of Contents

U.S. Cave Descriptions 1

International Cave Descriptions 353

Equipment & Techniques 407

Spelean History 493

Cave Science 509

Poetry, Fiction, and Humor 549

Indexes 591

1991 Author Index