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1998 Speleo Digest

Edited by James and Shelley Reyome

Layout and Design by Kyle G. Crider

1998 Speleo Digest Summary

Walking Stick Returned to Owner after 60 Years in a Cave!
Imagine that you are worker in the late 1930's Civilian Conservation Corps working in a remote valley in Utah. You are also a curious sort and like to poke into some of those caves. You have an engraved walking stick that you manage to leave in a remote corner of an even more remote passage within a cavern. What would be odds of that stick ever finding its way back to the original owner? Fred Jewkes could tell you the story himself; or you can read it and 360 other articles by 248 authors within the 544 pages of the 1998 Speleo Digest.
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Table of Contents

United States Cave Descriptions 1

International Cave Descriptions 271

Spelean History 339

Science and Conservation 371

Equipment and Techniques 421

Hodge Podge 449
Fiction, Humor, Art, Wisdom

Indexes 523

1998 Author Index