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1994 Speleo Digest

Editor: George E. Jaegers

1994 Speleo Digest Summary

If you are only going to read one book this year, then read Carl Sagan's Demon Haunted World. But, if you decide to read a second book, then you should seriously consider the 1994 Speleo Digest. Oh sure, you might search long and hard to find a second choice to occupy your precious reading time, but you will certainly find no other selection more intellectually stimulating and educationally entertaining than the 1994 Digest. It has drama and humor, science and humor, speleo techniques and humor, poetry and humor, and even a little history and humor. Why the illustrated article on "How to Resuscitate a Salamander" is worth the price of the book alone!
But that's not all. The 1994 Digest has over 500 pages of articles and stories by over 190 authors. It has been more than two years in the making, and anyone who has ever read the '94 Digest will have precious memories to last a lifetime. And, if you buy your own copy, you will be able to read these great articles and stories again and again, any time you want, with just a little effort to remove mud from the pages.
n the 1994 Speleo Digest you will find the answers to many of the questions you have been wondering about for years. Find out what a 'Jesus nut' really is (no, it isn't what you think) and what Allahbiners are made of. Find out whether there really are any caves in Arizona and whether the Devil actually went caving in Georgia. Find out why bats have flat faces and what 'the dark' really is. Find out just how dangerous caving really is, and why you should go caving. Learn what LCRFs are and how to measure them. Discover what the maximum length of a stalactite can be and how caves work. Find out why Graveyard Cave went to Hell and how caves get revenge. And thrill to the Underground Adventures of Icky, the Cave Fuzz, Ropeman, Lunker, along with Rex and Stout.
With the 1994 Speleo Digest you can do a lot of armchair caving. The over 350 pages of United States and International cave descriptions, maps, and caving adventure stories are certain to keep you reading well into the night and are sure to satisfy your craving for caving when you just can't get out of the house. From the Three Stooges caves in Alaska to New Hope cave in Wisconsin, there are hundreds of maps and descriptions guaranteed to delight even the most jaded caver. The International section contains caves from such exotic places as China and the Mona Passage (you know where that is), along with some fascinating descriptions of cave trekking in New Zealand.
In the 'how to' sections you will find such invaluable information as how to construct a cave pack, rejuvenating old carbide lamps, using micro-gravity to find caves, first aid kits, dangers of hypothermia, cave photography, conservation, prospecting, vertical caving, rabies, speleogenesis, and much, much more.
Supplies are limited, so order your copy today from the NSS Bookstore, 2813 Cave Ave, Huntsville, AL 35810. Phone (256) 852-1300.,

1994 Speleo Digest -- Table of Contents

United States Cave Descriptions

International Cave Descriptions

Equipment & Techniques 367

Cave Science 439

Spelean History 469

Speleo Fiction, Poetry, & Humor 483

1994 Speleo Digest -- Author Index