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1992 Speleo Digest

Editors: Mark and James Adler

1992 Speleo Digest Summary

Imagine a muddy hole in the earth, half hidden on the wooded slopes of a
steep hillside. A group of ape-men approaches the hole, thinking to sate
their lust for virgin cave. Another group of ape-men approaches at the same
time, their shaggy faces and hunched, weary bodies yearning for the solace
and warm protection of the cave. The cave means life, and there is not
enough cave for all! Threats are exchanged, and a ferocious battle ensues,
the ape-men ripping and tearing at each other, bone clubs splitting skulls,
brains and splintered bone fragments littering the cold limestone. The
victors, in the aftermath, rise upon two legs once and for all, and revel
beneath an ominous monolith of crystalline white calcite.

Well, there aren't really any battling ape-men in the Digest, but there are
informative articles on caving techniques, history, equipment, fiction,
humor, art, and a ton of maps and descriptions of caves from the USA and
from around the world. At over 600 total pages, this is a BIG book, and it's
filled with the crème de la crème from NSS Grotto publications from 1992.

Table of Contents

United States Cave Descriptions -- 1

International Cave Descriptions -- 323

Speleo History -- 379

Science -- 407

Gear and Techniques -- 469

Speleo Fiction -- 547

Indexes -- 584

1992 Author Index