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1997 Speleo Digest


Edited by Kim Opatka-Metzgar

1997 Speleo Digest Summary

"For years cracks ruled my life. Vertical cracks, horizontal cracks, underwater cracks. If I wasn't in a crack, I was reading about one, looking at pictures of one or talking about one. Some mornings I woke up covered with mud, not knowing where it came from. I have read stories in the newspaper and have seen it on TV, but I never thought it could happen to me. I admit now, I was a crack addict." From Confessions of a Crack Addict, Speleo Digest 1997. Are you too a crack addict? You've probably heard the warnings. If you are, don't worry, the National Speleological Society has something to feed your habit, The 1997 Speleo Digest. If you want to know the dangers of exploring cracks, and the challenges, check out the '97 Digest. From sump diving in the northeast to exploring places like Gator Hole, Alien Abduction Cave, Amnesia Cave, Cyclops Cave, Hellhole and Prison Den Cave, it's 544 pages of the best work from many of the NSS' finest grotto newsletters. Over 300 articles written by nearly 200 authors from across the United States are included in  this Speleo Digest. With topics like aerial ridgewalking, caving for bones in Jamaica, or wondering what it's like caving with Stephen King, this book won't cure your addiction to cracks - it will only make it worse. The 1997 Speleo Digest even provides revealing social commentary: If you have friends who have toured the country and stayed at a caver's home every night, or who sift the good carbide from what others have left after changing carbide, you probably know a Tight-Assed Caver. You know the ones - they dig the used tires out of sinkholes and take them home to put on their cars. From the earliest cave maps in the United States to the latest, for tips on terminology, for the lowdown on caving in other countries, for the best caving cartoons, for the latest theories on the genesis of formations, and for the best scoop on what is going on in the caving world today, get one before they're all gone. (There are a lot of addicts out there.)

Table of Contents

United States Cave Descriptions 11

International Cave Descriptions 303

Equipment and Techniques 329

Cave Science 409

Spelean History 439

Speleo Fiction and Humor 469

Index 527

1997 Author Index