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Unconfirmed Cave Lengths in Quintana Roo Mexico

last updated  05 May, 2018


The QRSS catalogues underwater and dry cave data that are confirmed by raw survey data. We acknowledge that both past and present explorers may feel vulnerable in their efforts to preserve future exploration opportunities. We respect their position, while encouraging exploration groups to contribute to the QRSS survey and be recognized for their work.  Below is a list of cave lengths reported by exploration groups without survey data verification.

Cave Name Length in Meters Length in Feet # Entrances  in System Reported Date
Sistema Aerolito 18000 59055 (?) AMCS 05/2005
Gruta del Tigre 8200 26903 (?) C. Thomas 12/2003
X-Calacoco 5000 16404 (?) C. Thomas 12/2003
X-Caret 2500 8202 (?) C. Thomas 12/2003
Chuchuen 2000 6562 (?) C. Thomas 12/2003


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