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Quintana Roo Speleological Survey
Local Support and Advisors

last updated  16 September, 2022


    Xibalba Dive Center  

Zero Gravity Dive Center






Recognition must go to our local sponsors, advisors, and official map distribution centers. Through their support the Quintana Roo Speleological Survey is able to support public forums on cave explorations, while disseminating knowledge on how to conserve these caves for future generations. Their assistance has also stimulated numerous archaeological and hydrological investigations in both dry and underwater caves, technical and cave survey expertise for refereed scientific publications, and hurricane relief efforts to the public of Quintana Roo. As integral partners with the QRSS who are concerned with the safe exploration, conservation, and documentation of regional caves, we appreciate their contributions and assistance.

QRSS Official Map Distribution Centers

Our authorized map distribution centers are identified by a QRSS storefront placard. These outlets, to include our sponsors and advisors above, promote QRSS materials. Profits from these sales are directed exclusively towards QRSS approved projects.


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