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Take nothing but pictures,
Leave nothing but footprints,
Kill nothing but time

Cave Exploration in Kansas

   The K.S.S. believes exploration of Kansas caves should: be as orderly and systematic as possible; allow free exchange of information between those conducting the research; be done in a manner consistent with the society's conservation ethic; promote positive landowner relations.
   The search for Kansas caves continues, with members following leads from many sources checking as many karst features as possible. Landowners and others are asked to contact the K.S.S. if they know of sinkholes, springs, pits, wells with running water at the bottom, or cave entrances. K.S.S. members can assist landowners in identifying cave and karst features and water resources. If you've ever wondered what's "in there" or "down there," contact the K.S.S at: kss@caves.org

Join the NSS!   The K.S.S. is formed as an internal organization of the National Speleological Society and was officially chartered on May 30, 1984. Visit www.caves.org for N.S.S. membership information.

Extra! Extra! Read all about Kansas kaving! The K.S.S. publishes a newsletter, the Kansas Kaver, six times a year. All K.S.S. publications are available to K.S.S. members.

   Membership to the K.S.S. is open to anyone who supports cave conservation. Send annual dues of $15 per year to the K.S.S. Treasurer Steve Kite. For more information, email kss@caves.org

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