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Arkansas Underground is the official newsletter of Little Rock Grotto, published quarterly (as submissions allow). All grotto members are encouraged to send trip reports and photos when possible.


Chad Holderfield is the newsletter editor. Contributions should be e-mailed to Chad or sent to:

Arkansas Underground editor
c/o Little Rock Grotto
4 Red Oak Place
Maumelle, AR 72113

Due to some unexpected interest by unwanted parties, we have elected to cease hosting our newsletters online in order to safeguard potentially sensitive information. If you would like to be included on our mailing list, or need to request a particular back issue, please contact Chad.

We will continue to host selected articles online in .pdf format.

Jan 2010

Science trips in Lechuguilla Cave
Copperhead Cave survey
Bridge Day 2009
Self-rescue in Ellison's Cave

Plus Helen's Cave map, Logan Point Cave
map, Little Bear, Chilly Bowl spar, Chinn
Springs Annual report, photos & more!

64 pages, J. Bartlett 2010-01-06

Oct 2009

Two-night camp in Carroll Cave
Caving in Vegas?
NCRC Weeklong photos
July 4th in Mammoth Cave

Plus caver's digest, cave fiction,
Garrison #2, Blanchard Springs, a new
discovery, CFLs for photos & more!

52 pages, J. Bartlett 2009-10-02

Jul 2009

SVG Roundtripping with Walls / Illustrator
Coping with White Nose Syndrome
Peter & Ann Bosted visit Arkansas
Fauna of Meacham Cave
Missouri Cave Wedding!

Plus caver's digest, new cave maps,
an essay & the usual extras!

52 pages, J. Bartlett 2009-06-22

Apr 2009

Cave Microbiology & Extraterrestrial life
Mike Carter on exploring Mammoth Cave
Trip Report: Blunder Hole adventure
The "art" of Cross-Sections
Trip Reports: Hankins Cave & Chilly Bowl

Plus Fitton Cave, Swaygo torture test,
photo galleries, caver's digest & more!

56 pages, J. Bartlett 2009-04-01

Jan 2009

Photo Essay: Caving in the French Alps
The new "premium" Rebel Stenlight
Gear Review: Howie's Howitzers
Testing magnetic compass deflection
Trip Report: TAG

Plus photos, maps, AACS, South Fork
Cave, OUL, Chinn Springs & lots more!

64 pages, J. Bartlett 2008-12-15

May - Oct 2008

Trip Report: Super Secret pit!
Trip Report: Cushman Blowing Cave
In defense of dynamic-rope cow's tails
Trip Report: Wind Tunnel
Photos: Janus Pit, Flitterin' Pit
Fancy Pants 2008 photo montage

24 pages, B. Signorelli 2008-10-01

Jan - Apr 2008

Trip Report: Whippoorwill Cave
CRF 50th Anniversary Report
Trip Report: Jackson & Copperhead Caves
Trip Report: Alexander Cave
Trip Report: CRF New year's Expedition
Here Be Dragons (Adobe Illustrator)
Bats of Arkansas
Fancy Pants photos, cave maps & more!

64 pages, B. Signorelli 2008-04-10

Mar - Dec 2007

Trip Report: I Hate This cave
Testing Apex waterproofing upgrades
Trip Report: Ennis Cave
Trip Report: Spanish Piano Cave
Cultural Exchange
Spring AACS wrap-up
Ridgewalking report

25 pages, B. Signorelli 2007-12-06

Jan / Feb 2007

Mandy's First CRF Trip
Trip Report: CRF Mammoth New Year's
Trip Report: Chinn Springs

18 pages, B. Signorelli 2007-01-04

Dec 2006

2007 Officer Election Results
Trip Report: I Hate This Cave

7 pages, B. Signorelli 2006-12-07

Nov 2006

Miscellaneous photo page
Gear Review: Swaygo packs
Vertical Practice
Intermediate Survey Tech (from WV)

12 pages, B. Signorelli 2006-11-11

Oct 2006

Blanchard Springs: wild cave tour
Trip Report: Fitton Cave
Trip Report: Fancy Pants 2006
Petzl Carabiner Recall

25 pages, B. Signorelli 2006-10-05

Aug / Sep 2006

This is NOT my fault!
A nerd's guide to caving
10 things I've learned

14 pages, B. Signorelli 2006-08-03

Jul 2006

Gear Review: Disto Fever
Trip Report: Chinn Springs
Trip Report: Corkscrew Cave
Hilarious Cushman-related emails
Miscellaneous photo page

16 pages, B. Signorelli 2006-07-06

Jun 2006

Photos: Chinn Springs Cave
Trip Report: Blowing Springs Cave
Don't kill the cow (from The Electric Caver)

16 pages, B. Signorelli 2006-06-01

May 2006

Chinn Springs work trip
Gear Review: the new Princeton Tec Apex
Cueva Cheve (from CO Springs Gazette)
Gear Review: Brightfeet!

20 pages, B. Signorelli 2005-05-04

Apr 2006

Alexander gate construction update
Trip Report: Taylor's Den survey
Tipping Point

12 pages, B. Signorelli 2006-04-06

Mar 2006

Miscellaneous photo page
Xara Xtreme mapping class

12 pages, B. Signorelli 2006-03-02

Feb 2006

Caving: where there's a will, there's a way
Trip Report: Copperhead Cave

12 pages, B. Signorelli 2006-02-01

Jan 2006

2006 Officer Nominations
Trip Report: Devil's Den Pit / Fitton Cave
Current Members List
LRG Constitution & Bylaws

16 pages, B. Signorelli 2006-01-05

Dec 2005

NiMH Review
LRG constitution & bylaws
Looking Forward

12 pages, B. Signorelli 2005-12-01

Nov 2005

Trip Report: Fitton Cave
Fall AACS report
Cleanup @ Cushman Blowing Cave
LRG constitution & bylaws
Big bucks for the big-eared bat

20 pages, B. Signorelli 2005-11-10

Oct 2005

Trip Report: Valhalla Pit (AL)
Trip Report: Cushman Blowing Cave
Trip Report: Jester Cave (OK)
Movie Review: The Cave

20 pages, B. Signorelli 2005-10-13

Sep 2005

President's Note
Interesting Leads

8 pages, B. Signorelli 2005-09-29