little rock grotto

LRG Lending Library

We continue to work toward establishing a library of caving-related materials; currently, lending requirements are being established and a list of available documents is being compiled. If you'd like to donate to the library, you may email electronic materials or mail printed materials to:

LRG Library
c/o Little Rock Grotto
4 Red Oak Place
Maumelle, AR 72113

Survey & Cartography Projects

Chinn Springs Cave
LRG's largest (and most passionately pursued) ongoing project, with 6.0 miles of cave currently documented (from 8.4 miles of total data & 100 surveys over the last 20 years). If you'd like to be a part of recurring exploration & survey trips, contact Dewayne Agin.


Example cave maps by LRG members:

    Helen's Cave (Eddy County, NM)


Survey and cartography is a primary interest of several LRG members. We're always working on something, and most of our projects can't be discussed here. Contact us and come to a meeting if you'd like to participate!