little rock grotto

Grotto Membership

While there are no specific prerequisites for inclusion in Little Rock Grotto, it is expected that prospective members have a basic understanding of cave safety and conservation principles as well as the willingness to practice these concepts.

That said, we are more than happy to show you the ropes; start by reading this, this and this, and by coming to one of our meetings.

Annual dues are $10 for individuals and $15 for families, and include electronic delivery of our newsletter. NSS membership is not required for non-officers, but is strongly recommended.

You can read the LRG constitution here.

LRG History

Mr. Wing refuses to sell the Mogwai even when Rand offers US$200 for it. This is money that the Wing family desperately needs, however; therefore Wing's grandson secretly sells the Mogwai to Rand. Though the creature seems innocent enough, the grandson warns Rand that one must take certain precautions regarding it. Specifically, one must not let the Mogwai near bright light, especially sunlight, which can kill the Mogwai; one must not get water on the Mogwai; and, most importantly: never feed the creature after midnight.

So, what does LRG do?

Little Rock Grotto is an active caving club, with a diverse group of members and equally diverse interests. Here is an incomplete list:

Cave Trips - Predictably, we do quite a bit of caving. Trips range from easy outings suitable for children to difficult excursions encompassing many hours or requiring specialized vertical equipment and training. If you live in central AR & want to go caving, you're in the right place!

Cave Photography - Taking photos underground can be both rewarding and frustrating. Check out our Flickr page for examples.

Survey & Cartography - Several members zealously pursue the documentation and mapping of caves. See our projects list for information on what's in the works.

Conservation - Cleanup & restoration work is sometimes required in caves that have been vandalized; occasionally, certain caves need to be gated for various reasons.

Ridgewalking - A couple of times each year, we obtain USFS and/or land owner permission to explore remote areas for new caves.

Speleology - Some grotto activities and presentations focus on cave biology, geology, hydrology, or speleogenesis.