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Membership in the Sligo Grotto is open to all persons interested in caves and caving. We strongly encourage, but do not require, membership in our parent organization, the National Speleological Society. Our current dues, which are due at the first of every year, are as follows:

$5 for single NSS members
$7 for NSS families
$7 for single non-NSS members
$9 for non-NSS families

Membership includes a subscription to our (very) sporadic newsletter, The Subterranean Sun, which comes out whenever we get enough news to print, and sometimes even when we don't. On-line members also get more frequent Sub Sun e-Flashes.

Members also are entitled to free carbide. Back in the days when all cavers used carbide lamps, this was a big benefit. It is not well used these days since most cavers now use electric lamps, but we still have a good pile of carbide available for those that do. You must arrange to pick it up in person.

Please contact our Treasurer for information on where to send your check and what additional information we need. Please make checks payable to "Sligo Grotto".

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