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July 1 Speleotubing at the Sinks of Gandy
A perennial Sligo favorite returned after a several year hiatus. You missed it, but we had a blast!

Sept 10-11 Grand Caverns Survey Project
Postponed a week due to OTR

Sept 22-24 Fall VAR
Hosted by the VPI Cave Club in Glen Lyn, VA. BE WARNED!!! You MUST pre-register in order to get dinner(!) and they are not providing any vegetarian options. You have been warned!

Nov 11-12 Grand Caverns Survey Project
Postponed a week because of BOG meeting.

November ?? 3rd Annual SLAM
Loads of caving fun in and around Lewisburg, WV. Any interest? It would probably have to be the same weekend as the Grand Survey.

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