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How to join the YGLC

Promoting cave safety, ethics, and conservation among youth groups, the Youth Groups Liaison Committee is an outstanding information resource for grottos, cavers, and youth organizations who want to learn more about conducting youth group caving activities. The committee oversees the NSS Youth Groups Information website and the Regional Coordinators program, and develops programs and presentations to encourage safe and ethical caving practices among youth groups. These volunteers strive to develop cooperation between youth groups, grottos, and cavers on the national and local levels which will result in a higher awareness and respect of the unique and fragile environments found in caves.

The NSS Youth Groups Liaison Committee (YGLC) (Education Division, Department of the Administrative Vice President) is seeking volunteers.

Some positions require very few responsibilities and a small time-commitment, while others require high skill-levels in project management, writing, and communication, as well a considerable time-commitment. All positions require people skills, Internet access, and a desire to improve access to information on topics concerning youth groups and caving for grottos, cavers, and youth groups.

No positions require working directly with youth, but all positions will have a major impact on meeting the conservation, safety, and education goals of the NSS. Please consider how your skills would fit in the structure of the YGL committee.

Application Process

To apply to the committee, please submit by email to , and list your qualifications and your goals for working within the Youth Group Liaison Committee.