Caving is a GREAT way to earn badges and awards. As part of their preparation for caving, girls may decide they would like to earn a badge. Girl Scout Juniors and Leaders in the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Drive Council created a scouts own badge for caving (link to They outlined steps to earn the badge and worked with their council shop to get a junior badge specific to caving. Juniors there learn about caving safely and about protecting caves. They take a caving trip and identify the different types of formations.

Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts can earn the B Xtreme Interest Project (link to using caving as their high adventure sport. There they would learn about caving as a sport, plan an overnight caving trip where they would plan out the details including the budget, where to stay, what to take and then finally going on the caving trip. They would also share their knowledge with other girls and the community.

Girls looking for a project for their Gold Award, may want to consider a project involving caving where they can further help the community.

Here are some examples girls can use caving to earn their Gold Award:

Once girls learn about caving and attend a caving trip, their council shop can order them fun patches as a remembrance of their caving trip.


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