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The Mysteries of
Easter Island Caves

J. Judson "Jut" Wynne,
Northern Arizona University
Presented January 10, 2013

This vivid, image-driven presentation covers recent discoveries and interpretations of over five years of research on "Te Pito o Te Henua" (or Navel of the World). Jut Wynne provides an overview of the natural history and ancient human settlement, as well as discusses new species discoveries and archaeological findings from Easter Island caves. The discovery of several new insect species suggests these animals may have retreated underground as the ancient Rapanui cleared the forest to make room for burgeoning villages, platforms with towering moai statues, and extensive fields of taro, sweet potatoes and sugar cane. (1:05:28) Download a copy (279 MB)

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What is the NSS Youth Group Liaison Committee?
Allen Maddox
January 7, 2013

Are you aware that the NSS has a Youth Group Liaison Committee? Do you know what we do? Did you know that we can help your Grotto? If you are involved with Scouts or your Grotto is involved with educating youth and or youth organizations then this is the webinar for you! We will talk about how the NSS can help you and your Grotto through the Youth Group Liaison Committee. The NSS Youth Group Liaison Committee helps youth organizations connect with cavers and caving programs. There is a Regional Coordinator in your area that can help you and your Grotto. We are educating and training cavers of the future, today! Be part of the future, help train our youth. Please join us for a very informative webinar. (45:48) Download a copy (243 MB)

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by Gretchen M. Baker
December 5, 2012

Great Basin National Park, located in the Basin and Range province in Nevada, contains 43 known caves. The park is located in the southern Snake Range and despite being isolated from other mountain ranges and caves by hotter, drier basins, is home to fascinating subterranean creatures. Bioinventories in recent years have revealed new species to science and have shed light about additional habitats that some species occupy. Take a peek at the underground fauna during this webinar and learn more about cave ecology. (1:06:50) Download a copy (304 MB)

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The Edwards Aquifer of South Central Texas -
An Aquifer Under Stress

Geary Schindel
November 5, 2012

The Edwards Aquifer is one of the most prolific karst aquifers in the United States. The Edwards is the primary water source for more than two million people in the San Antonio area and also provides water for industry, agriculture, and recreational purposes. Water discharging from the aquifer forms Comal and San Marcos springs, two of the largest springs in the southwestern US and provides habitat for a number of endangered species. Development pressures on the aquifer threaten caves, recharge, and water quality. Pumping of water from the aquifer threatens discharge from the springs. This presentation will discuss some of the management and research issues of this important karst aquifer. (1:12:32) Download a copy (349 MB)

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America's Final Frontier
Carlene and Kevin Allred
June 6, 2012

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3d Mapping and Characterization
of Sistema Zacaton from DEPTHX

by Marcus Gary, Reuben Reyes,
Todd Halihan, Nathaniel Fairfield,
Bill Stone, John M. Sharp, Jr.
May 7, 2012

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