The NSS Bulletin - ISSN 1090-6924
Volume 38 Number 4: 93-98 - October 1976

A publication of the National Speleological Society

Karst and Cave Distribution in North-Central Kentucky
Angelo I. George


The main object of this paper is to give a brief summary of prominent cave and surface karst features in Breckinridge, Hardin, and Meade counties, north-central Kentucky. Within the tri-county locality, more than 620 caves and 110 springs have been indexed as part of a long-term regional cartographic and hydrological study. Particular reference and space is given to the hydrology of Sinking Creek, which drains approminately 252 sq mi of surface and subsurface land area. Within this hydrosystem, Boiling Srping (an alluviated cave spring) drains more than 147 sq miles. Subsurface groundwater flow routes have been partially traced using fluorescein dye.

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