Great Expectations

Location and Setting
The focus of the acquisition is a tract of land containing the main (upper) entrance to Great Expectations Cave (Great X) and Johnny Creek Cave. Great X is located at 8500 feet elevation on a pristine creek in the Big Horn Mountains Great X Cave entrance, Sonya Ericksoneast of Greybull, Wyoming. The creek sinks into the cave at the entrance and reappears approximately six miles down the canyon near the Lower entrance to the cave, the Great Exit. The Great Exit, near the “Grim Crawl of Death,” is on federal land managed by the US Bureau of Land Management. Great X, with a vertical relief of 1,408 feet, is the fourth deepest limestone cave in the United States and the second deepest in Wyoming. With over five miles of alpine stream passage, Great X is the second longest cave in Wyoming. Great X also contains the Great Hall, which is the largest room in a Wyoming cave. The property has an eastern boundary with the Bighorn National Forest and a northern
boundary with lands managed by the US Bureau of Land Management. The western and southern boundaries border private land. We have acquired the

property from the landowner to the south. The cave is accessible for about six months a year by four-wheel drive vehicles or those with high clearance. This high altitude karst area contains several other significant caves including Tres Charros Cave, Bad Medicine Cave, and P-Bar Cave.

Acquisition Date:
We closed on the purchase on January 30, 2003.

Purchase Price

Paid Off!
We now own Great X free and clear, as of November 2006, when President Bill Tozer burned the mortgage during the Board of Governors meeting!

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