Carol Tiderman, Chairman


  The Secretary-Treasurer (S-T) is elected at the Fall Board of Governors meeting and takes office at the Spring meeting.  The time between election and assumption of duties allows for an overlap with the outgoing S-T.  This provides for a smooth transition of all budget and funding matters.  The S-T is the Society's chief financial officer and record keeping officer and shall ensure the Society's finances are managed in a fiscally responsible manner. The S-T is responsible for investing NSS funds and for delegating signature authority for NSS accounts to agents of the S-T. As a minimum, the NSS President and S-T shall have signature authority on all NSS accounts. The S-T is responsible for establishing the Society's accounting and financial processes and managing their implementation in accordance with policies established by the Board of Governors so as to allow for an independent audit by a certified public accountant or accounting firm. The S-T is responsible for managing the process by which the entire


Executive Committee assumes responsibility for both the income and expense side of the budget.  The S-T is responsible for preparing estimates for dues income and other items which do not fall within a specific department. All such estimates will be provided to the entire Executive Committee for peer review with associated backup data. The S-T is responsible for presenting the budget to the Board of Governors for approval based on a consensus of the Executive Committee.

The S-T shall support the other officers and the Board of Governors by providing timely reports of the Society's financial activity and status, certifying corporate documents as "Secretary," filing corporate returns including annual reports and tax returns when required, and ensuring original corporate documents are stored in a safe deposit box. The S-T is also responsible for managing committees assigned to the S-T Department by the Board of Governors.








See Section 9.5 Executive Policies - Board of Governors Manual for details of the position.




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