Carol Tiderman, Chairman


  The NSS President is elected at the Spring Board of Governors meeting and takes office at the NSS National Convention.  From the time of the election and until the convention the President-elect also serves as the President Pro Tem if not already serving in another officer position.  The President of the NSS is a member of the Executive Committee. The President has responsibility for managing the Society's business; fund raising; membership retention; public outreach; liaison with government, international organizations and other organizations with goals that overlap those of the Society; and as the Society's point person for the members and for the public. The President is responsible for the agenda for and conducting the meetings of the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee.  The Secretary to the Board, the Recording Secretary, and the By Laws, Logistics,


Board Arrangements, (Society) Planning, and Nominating (for Director Elections) Committees are within the President's Department. The President oversees the Fund Raising and Public Relations committees of the Society. The liaison with outside organizations is handled through the Government, Show Caves, and The Nature Conservancy committees within the President's Department. The President is also responsible the managing any other permanent and ad hoc committees assigned to the President's department by the Board of Governors. The President also communicates to the membership through periodic columns in the NSS NEWS. Finally, the President works with other members of the Executive Committee to manage the NSS, to coordinate responsibilities of the NSS officers, and to prepare the annual NSS budget.  





See Section 9.1 Executive Policies - Board of Governors Manual for details of the position.




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