Carol Tiderman, Chairman

Administrative Vice President

  The Administrative Vice President (AVP) is elected during the closed session of the Directorate at the Monday Board of Governors meeting at the NSS convention.  The member elected takes his or her seat on the Board immediately.  The AVP of the NSS is a member of the Executive Committee. The AVP has responsibility for managing the Society's cave management, conservation, and education activities. At any one time, the AVP is overseeing the activities of committees, commissions (the National Cave Rescue Commission and the Vandalism Deterrence Reward Commission), and upcoming NSS Conventions. The AVP has responsibility for working with Federal agencies having cave management responsibilities; e.g., the U.S. Forest Service,


Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service, in matters dealing with cave management, cooperative endeavors, and cave conservation. The AVP is also responsible for oversight of the NSS' Cave Preserves and its Conservation Task Forces. The AVP works with the staffs of NSS Conventions to ensure that NSS policies are followed and that the Conventions are properly planned, managed, and financed. The AVP also works with the National Coordinator of the NCRC to coordinate NCRC and NSS activities and to provide support to the NCRC as needed. Finally, the AVP works with other members of the Executive Committee to manage the NSS, coordinate responsibilities of the NSS officers, and to prepare the annual NSS budget.  







See Section 9.3 Executive Policies - Board of Governors Manual for details of the position.




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