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Welcome to the Home Page for the Cave Conservation and Management Section of the National Speleological Society.

The Section provides this Home Page as a focal point for information about Cave Conservation and Management. Of course it is always under construction, and may be different the next time you visit. This version was updated September 24, 2003. since December 1, 2001. The very Latest Change. Updated since  November 1, 2001.

This page should be used in conjunction with the NSS Conservation Committee Web site.  Much recent information and educational materials have been posted at that site.

This is your page.  I need you to help keep it updated!  Please e-mail me with information that may be useful to others about cave conservation and management and about issues that need to be publicized..  If I had more stuff I would update the page more often.  (I don't have much time available these days to actively search for information--so I must rely on you).

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Coming Someday:  Links to Educational Resources and Sites related to caves.  Underground Wilderness Sourcebook.


If you notice problems, such as bad links, etc. please e-mail me at to let me know what you have found so I can get them fixed.


Val Hildreth-Werker and Jim Werker are the NSS Conservation Committee Chairs. Contact them for help with issues and problems.  Send me new stuff:  papers, press releases, articles, etc. about cave management and conservation issues.

Cave Conservationist Recent Issue

If you were a section member, you would have already received the most recent issue of The Cave Conservationist, our print newsletter, in the mail.  Volume 22, Number 2, September, 2003 was received by me on September 22, 2003.  It includes the following articles: (Hyperlinked items are also on the web).

For earlier issues Table of Contents, go here.

If you have material to contribute, send it the Editor, Lynn Roebuck.

If you also send it to me, it will probably get posted here also.

Cave Conservation Listserv

To subscribe to the Conservation Listserv, send an email message to with the word SUBSCRIBE on the subject line.  You will receive up to date notification of current issues and can get involved in discussion with Section members, cave managers, and cave conservationists.

In Memoriam - George Huppert

New Hot Issues (Newer are at the top)

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Dave Jagnow and Jim Werker & Val Hildreth-Werker occasionally send out e-mail messages on items of interest.   Where these require action on your part, they'll be posted in the Hot Issues section above.  The rest will be indexed here:

Special Issues

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Tools for Cave Conservation and Management

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Communicate with the NSS Conservation Hierarchy

Rob Stitt, Webmaster, NSS Conservation and Management Section

Julie Schenck, Editor of The Cave Conservationist, the Section's Paper publication.

Rod Horrocks, President, NSS Conservation and Management Section

Jim Werker & Val Hildreth-Werker, Co-Chairs, NSS Conservation Committee

Thom Engel, NSS Administrative Vice-President

Mike Hood, NSS President

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