Science Topics



Science Topics


The Bat Conservation International has many links and information about bats. Look on their Table of Contents, on the left of their screen. 

The Adventures of Echo the Bat is an interactive site. Students follow Echo The Bat as he migrates through Arizona. (Teacher's Guides)

Bat World Sanctuary is an undated copyrighted website that is based in Mineral Wells TX. They have all kinds of facts, information about bat rescue, and even a "Kid's Page".

Links to sites about Bats, for children.


Cave Biology

The Biology of Caves, Karst, and Groundwater


Cave Ecology

Selected Resources for Biology 143: Cave Ecology

Cave Geology

The Virtual Cave - Cave formations explained

Cave Formations on Navassa Island (near Haiti / Cuba)


Cave / Karst Hydrology

Groundwater Information Pages

Earth's Water: Ground Water


Cave Life

Cavern Classroom, about cave life at Howe Caverns.

A good site on critters found in caves. Marengo Cave.

While it does talk about the "Life of Caves" this NOVA site contains info on 'extremophiles'.

Earth Science

American Geological Institute
GREAT source to find geology and earth science information

Digital Library for Earth System Education
Enter "caves" in the search box- over 298 links show up.

Earth Science Week
Activities for Earth Science Week, held every October, from Earth Science World. Will help in planning.

NASA's Earth Science search results for "caves"