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The Battle for Bats
The Story of White Nose Syndrome

By Ravenswood Media

The NSS would like to thank Dave McGowan of Ravenswood Media, and its sponsors, the US Forest Service and the US Fish & Wildlife Service, for very generously making this film freely available to teach people about WNS.  We encourage you to share the film with your grotto and other cavers, cave owners, youth groups, show cave owners, state agencies, and others who visit or manage caves, or simply care about wildlife. 


The Battle for Bats: White Nose Syndrome from Ravenswood Media on Vimeo.

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The Battle for Bats
Survivng White Nose Syndrome

This second video by Dave McGowan and Ravenswood Media in October 2013 shows the extent to which WNS has proliferated south and west since its discovery in 2006, and portrays a more upbeat outlook through agency efforts at monitoring and protecting survivors.

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You are also invited to visit Ravenswood's other site, evolving "webumentary"
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