Cave Conservation and Management Special Session
White-Nose Syndrome: A Western Perspective
2011 NSS Convention, Glenwood Springs, CO

Wednesday 13:00 – 17:50, Auditorium
Session Convener: Carl Bern

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Caver relationships with government agencies: A Colorado perspective
Carl R.Bern

Colorado Division of Wildlife response planning For White-Nose Syndrome
Tina Jackson

Monitoring bats for White-Nose Syndrome in Colorado: On the ground efforts
Dan Neubaum

The use of abandoned mines by bats in Colorado: The other part of the WNS issue
Kirk W. Navo

A temperature-based GIS model suggesting risk for White-Nose Syndrome in the West
Lara M. Juliusson

Microclimate conditions in Ft. Stanton Cave -- A hibernaculum for Townsend's big-eared bat
Debbie C. Buecher

WNS impact evaluation for 2011 NSS convention caving trips
Phil Nyland

BLM state offices respond differently to WNS threat
Marikay A. Ramsey

Friends of the cave?
Michael McEachern

The U.S. National Park Service responds to White-Nose Syndrome in bats
Kevin T. Castle

Current status of the research and management of bat White-Nose Syndrome
Ann Froschauer

Eastern lessons for western consideration
Peter D. Youngbaer