Special Session on White Nose Syndrome
International Congress of Speleology
National Speleological Society Convention
Kerrville, Texas – July 23, 2009

At the 15th ICS/NSS Convention this summer, I had the responsibility of organizing and facilitating a special four-hour session on White Nose Syndrome.  I want to thank all the presenters, and those who sent presentations, but could not be there, for their time and contributions. 

Below are the panelists and links to their PowerPoint presentations.  There is a wealth of information about WNS, what we know about it and what we don’t, details on a lot of the research, and also information about how the federal agencies and states are organizing to manage and combat WNS.

The program began with a showing of The Battle for Bats.

2008-2009 Field Update
Al Hicks, Mammologist, NY Department of Environmental Conservation (presented by Peter Youngbaer, White Nose Syndrome Liaison, National Speleological Society).

What We Know and Don't Know about WNS
Thomas H. Kunz, Director, Center for Ecology and Conservation Biology, Boston University.

WNS: A Caver's Perspective
Hazel A. Barton, Ph.D., Ashland Endowed Professor on Integrative Science, Department of Biological Sciences, Northern Kentucky University.

European Observations of Fungi on Bats
Dr. David Blehert and Dr. Paul Cryan, U.S. Geological Survey (on WNS in Europe) (presented by Hazel Barton).

Virginia - Agencies and Cavers Responding Together to WNS
Carol Zokaites, Karst Education Coordinator, Natural Heritage Karst Program, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, National Coordinator of Project Underground, Inc.

WNS in Bats: Impacts on the National Park Service Mission
Kevin T. Castle DVM, MS, Wildlife Management and Health Program, National Park Service.

WNS: Crisis in Bat Hibernacula
Dave Waldien, Ph.D., Co-Director of Programs, Conservation Scientist, Bat Conservation International. (Large PPT file, 200 MB)

Managing WNS: The Federal Response
Jeremy T. H. Coleman, Ph.D., U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


(Note:  Brad Wuest, owner of Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio, Texas, gave brief remarks on behalf of the National Caves Association – the trade group of commercial caves – but no formal presentation)